January 27, 2016

How much personal data would you trade for an incentive?

Would you be willing to trade personal data for an incentive? Everything from car mileage to your movements in your house; more and more companies are rolling out incentives including cheaper rates on insurance and energy bills in order to obtain personal data.

January 22, 2016

The danger of a hashtag in a marketing campaign

A successful hashtag can generate a huge amount of positive publicity and brand awareness if executed correctly. But if it goes wrong – it can generate even more publicity for all of the wrong reasons and alienate potential customers. Is it just the luck of the draw whether it succeeds or fails or is there a clear strategy that works?

January 14, 2016

SEO considerations for businesses in 2016

Regardless of the business, chances are its online presence contributes to the company’s success in some way. In the last few years, constant algorithm changes have kept companies on their toes – trying to keep up with the shift in focus of what Google is looking for when it decides where to rank you.

January 5, 2016

The top 10 reputation crises of 2015

Reputation continued to move higher on the marketing agenda for companies last year, but for a number of big brands, it wasn’t a high enough priority and they suffered disastrous consequences. I take a look at the top 10 reputation crises of 2015 and where these brands went wrong.

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