The Value of Reputation Management

The web is accessible to most, the technical barriers and costs of having an online social presence are low. Yet many companies aren’t taking advantage of this growing channel and the opportunities it can bring. Unfortunately, all too often I see individuals and clients who have waited until their brand suffers a negative hit before making changes.

It’s proven that having a poor brand or company reputation can negatively affect sales, damaging a company’s profits and consumer base. And it’s far easier to build a positive brand presence, than it is to repair a damaged brand from a standing start.

So why do so many companies wait until a reputation has been damaged to do something about it?

I believe it may be due to the sheer speed of growth of social channels, which has left many companies unsure where to turn for support in building and managing online channels – namely social media.

There is still very much a need for PR agencies and SEO agencies, but I’m also seeing a growing number of reputation specialists such as my company Igniyte, which can provide help and guidance on building and managing a positive online image.

First steps into building a social presence

Luckily, many clients realise that the world is becoming more social and they cannot prevent customers from having their say. Far better to make the first move and stay ahead by building a positive brand presence to encourage feedback and encourage brand advocates who will, if needed, defend the brand.

Sometimes clients simply need help moving into social channels in a positive way. Taking a first step into social media can be daunting. Many don’t wish to encourage negativity or give potentially unhappy customers an arena to voice their thoughts.

It’s far easier to build a positive brand presence, than it is to repair a damaged brand from a standing start.

All is not lost

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find disgruntled employees or customers using the internet to air their views. But it is possible to fight back. Requests can be made for defamatory content to be removed, legal requests to ‘take down’ content can be issued.

The importance of reputation management

Whether a company has a positive brand reputation or is suffering negativity without a doubt a long-term plan to build and maintain positive social content is a crucial element to a successful business.

If you are an individual, company or brand facing online reputation management issues, or would like advice on how to promote yourself or your business on the web, please call me on tel: +44 (0) 203 542 8686 or email  All enquiries are treated in confidence.

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