Volkswagen Crisis

Volkswagen scandal

We were asked to comment on the Volkswagen scandal by PR Week – read our piece here by Caroline Skipsey at Igniyte – Volkswagen The People’s Car

Volkswagen Crisis

Volkswagen – the Peoples Car

Quite a lot of what we proposed the company should do has been done in the last twenty-four hours by Volkswagen as they try to tackle the crisis head on – something they really had no choice but to do as they covered up the deception prior to being caught.

A public apology and admission of guilt goes a long way to help smooth out the crisis, but it may be that the company suffers mainly financially as those queuing to sue them will grow in the coming months.

They need to be open and honest about how high the cover up went in the business and be seen to be tackling all those involved and doing it publicly. Otherwise trust will not be regained in the short or medium term.



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