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Igniyte is an Online Reputation Management company that helps organisations and individuals to build and maintain their reputation online.

About Igniyte

Established in 2009, Igniyte is a renowned, UK-based specialist in reputation management supporting individuals, companies and brands in building a strong online presence through positive communications and content.

Igniyte works with global clients to:

  1. Monitor and identify sentiment online
  2. Promote authoritative reputations online using PR techniques
  3. Challenge online content legally where it is defamatory or irrelevant
  4. Create digital content including websites, blogs and profiles
  5. Implement effective processes such as positive review strategies
  • Igniyte works with clients in confidence, advising on best practice and approach, to ensure search results display links which drive visitors to content, news and articles within your control.
  • Igniyte uses a transparent methodology that will educate you along the way, and help you to maintain a positive profile online.

Igniyte provides strategic and practical help to individuals, companies and brands in the following areas:

  • Online PR management and consultancy, including crisis communications.
  • Creation and promotion of content to establish you as an authority online.
  • Syndication of PR online, helping your news reach authoritative and relevant websites.
  • Optimisation and design of digital assets including websites, blogs, and social and professional media profiles.
  • Monitoring services alerting you to mentions and sentiment online.
  • Challenging content and legally removing unsubstantiated or defamatory claims made on third-party websites, forums and review portals.
  • Establishing company executives as thought-leaders to increase coverage of your organisation’s insight and expertise.
  • Consultancy in areas such as review management, online crisis consultancy, safe guarding use of social media, and training staff in dealing with complaints.

Igniyte’s expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Igniyte’s unique mix of digital knowledge of content, PR and legislation will give you an advantage in creating a perfect online presence.
  • The company is made up of experts with digital backgrounds in the following areas:

    Content and search engine optimisation – experienced team of writers and creative strategists develop content for a purpose.
    Legal partners – work closely with intellectual property and media lawyers to ensure clients receive best advice.
    PR –  work independently from, or in combination with, existing PR agencies to help increase the ranking power of coverage gained.

To find out more about Igniyte’s services visit the Online Reputation Management experts.



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