Why individuals are turning to reputation management companies to clean up their digital histories

If you think online reputation management is just for major corporations and big brands, you’d be wrong. Increasing numbers of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and for all kinds of reasons, are turning to reputation management companies to clean up their digital history.

How to protect your reputation when disaster strikes

Any organization, no matter how well it is run, can face a potential public relations crisis. No one is immune to public or media scrutiny. Some industries are more vulnerable to reputational damage than others – tourism, leisure and the airlines immediately spring to mind. In individual cases celebrities and politicians who build businesses from their reputations can suffer too. But what can, and more importantly should you do, if your company is facing a media or public backlash? How do you protect your reputation?

Instagram puts a stop to online trolling

The start of the end for internet trolling?

Instagram is rolling out a new feature to target internet trolls, with ‘power users’ such as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian having the first use of the technology to combat high volumes of negative and abusive comments. The Facebook-owned photo sharing app has come under fire in the past for its lack of control over what comments are displayed alongside an uploaded photograph, with some trolls able to post spam and often vicious comments to a wide audience