Johnny Depp controversy threatens Christian Dior’s reputation

Fashion brand Christian Dior has recently released its latest advertising campaign in Australia. It is fronted by Johnny Depp, but on-going controversy surrounding the A-List actor’s personal life has threatened the reputation of Dior’s world-renowned brand.

Rebranding for reputation

Can changing your name fix your reputation?

There are various reasons why a company may decide to rebrand and indeed change their name. A business may proactively rebrand in order to refocus or reflect changing trends, or acknowledge a merger, for example. Reactive rebranding however may follow negative press, dwindling sales or following a reputational crisis.

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How do politicians market themselves on social media?

With pivotal elections coming up, 2016 is a crucial year in politics. There is a lot of discussion online concerning various politicians, as they increasingly turn to social media to disseminate their campaign values to their electorates. Igniyte asks: how do politicians market themselves on social media?