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This week The Times ran an article about Georgina Baillie, granddaughter of Andrew Sachs and the woman at the centre of the BBC scandal which ended in Russell Brand’s resignation from the BBC, and the suspension of Jonathan Ross.

According to The Times, ‘Ms Baille has a warning for other young women who could find themselves at the centre of a media storm: social media and “wasted” photographic sessions will come back to haunt you. “A picture lasts a lifetime. It’s kind of scary that there’s no privacy any more. So don’t get wasted and let anyone take a picture of you.”’

Ms Baille’s case may be extreme, but her words offer sound advice. Personal reputation is becoming an increasingly important issue for anyone who uses the Internet or has a connection to it. As managing director of an online reputation management company, I receive daily requests from individuals, companies and brands asking for help with removing negative content about them on page one of Google.

Good personal reputation management is not just about removing the negative. It is as much about establishing a relevant and healthy profile – one which, importantly, you’re in control of. Igniyte’s Guide to Managing Personal Information Online provides a wealth of practical advice and guidance from how to build a successful Internet profile, to dealing with defamatory content. Here’s a taste of what the guide has to offer:

  • How to monitor search results for your own name, and the importance of setting up alerts to notify you when your name is included in content online.
  • Why it is important to control your own digital assets, and how to ensure they rank for your name or brand terms.
  • How to raise your profile, boost your career, and maintain a positive online presence.
  • What to do if you’re facing negative or defamatory content and how to fight the negative content with new content.
  • Why Google Plus authorship is becoming increasingly important and the relevance of author ranking.
  • Information about setting up social and web assets in a secure way, and the steps you should take to limit people from commenting on, or posting, content without your consent.
  • Advice on being vigilant when signing up to sites on the Internet.

The guide is available to download for free by clicking on the link below. Alternatively you can contact me by filling in my quick enquiry form to discuss about your personal online reputation.

Free Ebook to Download

Free Ebook for Download

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