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August 19, 2014

Greggs Wiki Logo

Here I look at how when Google extracts Wiki Information it can sometimes cause problems for a company or brand.

The dangers of a company or brand having a Wikipedia page are all too apparent for Greggs the bakers today……

Greggs Not So Great Wiki Logo

Greggs Wiki Logo!


The interesting thing is that the logo in question isn’t actually on Greggs’s Wikipedia page its appears to derive from the satirical take of Wikipedia at (Uncylopedia). Google has picked up this logo an displayed in the wiki profile seen above when you Google the company name. Has an ex-employee (or even a current disgruntled one) edited the profile which can be updated as an open platform.

Wikipedia profiles are a dilemma for reputation management companies because on the one hand its one of the most powerful ways of getting a page one listing for a Company or Individual but the danger can be that it opens a forum that other people can comments, update and change content or point to negative content.  This can then lead to an ongoing battle between the ‘owner’ of the Wiki page and those wishing to create negative associations. Often we will not use Wikipedia as a consequence for clients – its too risky. Ask Greggs…


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