Chatbots for customer service

Are chatbots the latest online customer service channel?

Major brands are increasingly using online tools to meet rapidly-evolving consumer expectations. Some firms are now turning to live chat technology called ‘chatbots’ to communicate with consumers in real-time, indicating that they are fast-becoming the latest online customer service trend.

Instagram puts a stop to online trolling

The start of the end for internet trolling?

Instagram is rolling out a new feature to target internet trolls, with ‘power users’ such as Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian having the first use of the technology to combat high volumes of negative and abusive comments. The Facebook-owned photo sharing app has come under fire in the past for its lack of control over what comments are displayed alongside an uploaded photograph, with some trolls able to post spam and often vicious comments to a wide audience


Do celebrities stake reputations on the products they promote?

Throughout the 20th Century, the celebrity endorsement has served as a key corporate product marketing tool. With the rise of digital technology and social media, the global marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Increasingly, celebrities are beginning to stake their own reputations on the products they promote to consumers worldwide.

social media

How do politicians market themselves on social media?

With pivotal elections coming up, 2016 is a crucial year in politics. There is a lot of discussion online concerning various politicians, as they increasingly turn to social media to disseminate their campaign values to their electorates. Igniyte asks: how do politicians market themselves on social media?